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that you would take a moment to pray that God would continue to bless, prosper and use Texas Corners Bible Church.
Thank you and may God bless you."
- David E. Thompson, Pastor/Teacher

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Welcome to Texas Corners Bible Church

We are dedicated to serious, systematic teaching of the books of the Bible and doctrines of the faith and to the protection and promotion of worship that reverences and honors God.  

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The official Android and iOS apps of Texas Corners Bible Church are now available for download. These FREE apps provide the ideal way to search and listen to sermons exclusively from TCBC on a mobile device. You may download them directly from either Google Play for Android-based mobile devices or from iTunes for iOS (Apple) devices. When looking for the TCBC app, use our full name, "Texas Corners Bible Church" in your search. You can find more information and direct links to our apps on our TCBC Mobile Apps web page by using our menu system above and going to 'Website Content > TCBC Mobile Apps'.



We are pleased to announce we have started uploading the study, 'EXPOSITION OF MATTHEW' from our taped archives. Excerpt: "Matthew is the book that bridges a gap of 400 silent years between Malachi, the close of the Old Testament and the coming of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the New Testament. Matthew was written by a Jew to the Jews to establish something very significant about Jesus Christ, namely, Jesus Christ is Israel's Messiah, King, Saviour and Judge. It is Matthew who draws from the Old Testament and first points out the fact that the Messiah would be fully human and fully God. It was Matthew who first unravelled the Messiah would die and yet one day would reign on the earth." You can access the introduction to the study immediately from using the menu system above.

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Sunday: Worship Services (April 26, 2015)

Sunday: Communion Service (May 3, 2015)

  • First Sunday of Each Month Immediately Following the Morning Service

Wednesdays: Bible Study 

  • 6:45 PM: Prayer Meeting 
  • 7:30 PM: Bible Study - Book of Psalms

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