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About the Church

We are a growing church that sits on 10 acres of property located about 10-12 miles south-west of Kalamazoo, Michigan not far from Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

In 2014, we completed our new beautiful sanctuary, which is now able to seat up to 750 people. As a result, we are able to worship as one church family and we are now able to have one Sunday Morning Service for everyone at 10AM.

The ages, backgrounds, and occupations of those who attend varies. All who consistently come to this church love a serious, systematic approach to the Scriptures and they love a non-contemporary form of reverent worship.

We are presently increasing in all ages of people, including younger families with children. We are also seeing an influx of people who are coming from various denominations.

About the Pastor

example graphic Pastor David E. Thompson was a radio personality in Kalamazoo, Michigan back in the early to mid 70's. On June 10, 1976, as he picked up a Bible and began reading, God saved him. After fulfilling his radio contract, he moved to Grand Rapids to attend the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music, a school whose curriculum was fashioned after Dallas Theological Seminary. He was taught theology by John Miles, who was taught by Lewis Sperry Chafer, who was taught by C.I. Scofield.

Pastor Thompson pursued a Pastoral course of study where his specific major was New Testament Greek. Upon completion of the regular course of study, he completed the additional graduate level courses in the Greek language, earning his Divinity Diploma in 1983. Pastor Thompson then taught at the Grand Rapids School of the Bible from 1983-1986. He has pastored three Bible Churches, the first in the Chicago area for seven years, where he was ordained in 1992. He pastored a church in Idaho for eight years and then became the Pastor/Teacher of Texas Corners Bible Church in March of 2001. He also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical studies in 2002 from Frontier School of the Bible.

About the Preaching

Pastor Thompson may be classified as a true systematic Bible expositor and communicator of God's Word.  He carefully expounds books of the Bible in a way that is contextually, exegetically, grammatically, historically, and theologically accurate to the text and relevant to the time.

He is thematic in that he seeks to expound the main theme or proposition of a text as it is developed by the context.  His homiletical style of preaching comes from being trained as an expositor under the tutelage of those who were trained by Dr. Haddon Robinson.

Pastor Thompson is a full manuscript preacher. He was drawn to this style of exposition while visiting his brother in Dallas, Texas as they sat under the manuscript preaching ministry of Dr. S. Lewis Johnson.  He follows the historical pattern of other full manuscript preachers such as Phillip Brooks and Jonathan Edwards. When you attend a service at Texas Corners Bible Church you are given a complete manuscript of the message before he preaches it.

He uses humor and illustrations as a means of helping people accurately understand a text.  He does not ramble and share stories for no reason. Pastor Thompson is very intense and focused in his communication of God's word and a typical exposition lasts 35-40 minutes.